Hey guys! 

I am a Colorado Native from a small country town living in a big city with my husband and daughter. I live for coffee and Dr. Pepper(I like caffeine, okay?). I eat vegan and live minimally(it's a nice way of saying "I'm cheap"). I am the whitest half-hispanic ginger you'll meet, I think camouflage jokes are hysterical, I love Jesus(and I also say the F word), and I am the first person crying during an episode of This Is Us.

I am an artistic portrait photographer and love capturing the artist. Musicians, photographers, painters, etc.; I want to come alongside creatives using my talent to enhance someone else's.
I also photograph couple's in every stage of love. Whether it's the beginning stages of dating, the "next step" in a proposal, an intimate wedding, or an anniversary celebrating the trials of marriage. Big "events" do not inspire me like the two people who are choosing each other, do. 

I am also a writer/blogger. I write about motherhood, living a conscious lifestyle, as well as happenings in life. I want to relate to others with my writing, not just in stages of parenthood, but in displaying vulnerability in hopes of encouraging others along their journey.

If you would like to work together, visit my contact page and let's get in touch!