5 Ways To Live Clean

I am obsessed with documentaries! I love cooking ones, historical ones, photography ones, and anything that makes me genuinely think. 

My top 3 favorites so far are Food Choices, Minimalism, and most recently, The True Cost. They are all based on completely different subjects but the intention is the same: consumerism. 

Consuming food, buying stuff, or needing the next fashion trend for the cheapest price. But what are you actually putting in your body? Who began the idea that you need a coffee table or a tv stand? Do you actually know who made your clothes or where they came from? 

These documentaries really changed my thought process from what I want, to what I actually need. What's actually necessary for my health, what's necessary to put in my house, or how many clothes does a person need to have before it's ridiculous? What simple steps can I start to take in my day-to-day that can genuinely make a difference? 

1) Paper products. 

Paper Products

Q tips? Paper towels? Paper plates? Cotton balls? Plastic silverware? Grocery bags? I started keeping track of how many times I actually used "disposable" products that just ended up in the trash. I've been washing dishes more regularly, which has allowed me to not purchase plastic dining ware. I also started to wash dishes differently, conserving water as much as possible(sink full of hot water, add soap, add dishes, scrub, rinse, dry). Instead of needing grocery bags, I started bringing my own canvas ones to the store if I remember. Not only do they give you a few cents off for bringing your own bag, but then nothing goes to waste. I use rags for cleaning instead of paper towels as well, so that cuts back immensely! 



It's truly not overrated. With how many recyclable items we go through on a daily basis, it was a no-brainer. There is absolutely no reason to not recycle! Check with your county about their pricing. Sometimes, it is a free service that comes with your normal trash pick up. 

3) Hygiene

I wrote a blog about 4 shower hacks that have saved us a ton of money while conserving resources! Read it here 

Also, deoderant. Do you know what you're putting on your pits and why? Do you notice that you're sweating even though you're wearing aluminum-filled antiperspirant? Buy this instead

Native Deodorant



4) Food

Vegan Plant Based

In January, Corey and I began eating a plant based diet. We were extremely conscious of what we were consuming and just started with buying produce. If it came from the ground, we bought it. It also opened our world to farmer's markets, vegan restaurants, and checking the label. If we couldn't pronounce an ingredient, we didn't buy the product. We also began buying organic, and we could afford it! Not worrying about buying pounds and pounds of meat allowed us to balance out our grocery budget to buy quality produce. So far, Corey has lost 22 pounds, and I've consistently stayed at the weight I was my senior year in high school. I have raised Lenni on a vegetarian diet, and have been able to completely avoid processed foods and she is growing and healthy! 

5) Clothes

Before I try to convince you on minimizing your wardrobe, or knowing #whomadeyourclothes, take time out of your day to watch The True Cost. This documentary is SO EYE OPENING. Do you honestly believe that the clothes that you "donate" are going anywhere? What happens when you put holes in a shirt and throw it away? It goes in a landfill pile with the rest of people's crap. Buy used clothes! Buy fair trade, hand-made fashion. Don't buy into the waste. For a list of fair trade companies, visit http://www.thegoodtrade.com/features/fair-trade-clothing

I also just heard about Poshmark, which is a used clothes(and more) app for Women, Guys, and babies and it is AMAZING. You can also sell your old clothes and items as well(more than Plato's Closet will actually give you), you're helping the cycle keep on giving by purchasing used,  AND you're saving money. For $5 off use this code: UKPFV


Living clean is way more than changing your life now, but it is truly part of changing a polluted future. We are a part of a generation and a society that buys into the hype. Whether it's the latest diet, weekly changing trends, latest cure for allergies, or whatever. Do your research. Understand what you're buying, why you're buying it, and who it affects. What are you feeding your kids? What are you feeding YOURSELF? Who made your clothes? Do you really need the decorative table piece that you probably won't like after a few months?

End the hype. Be the change! Take the steps now to live simply clean.