Baby Products I Love

Before Lenni was born, I was extremely overwhelmed trying to figure out the things that I actually needed vs the American standard of consumerism. Did I really need that rotating hanging thing that attaches to the crib? Did I really need that $200 co-sleeper or the vibrating, singing, baby swing? 

My first baby shopping adventure was SO overwhelming. I didn't know what to register for, let alone which store to do it at. Which leads me into my first recommendation...

BabyList. This is the god of all your registering needs/wants/hopes/dreams. It made it SO easy for me pre-baby shower and I guarantee that it will help you! 

Second- Maya Wrap. It took me a little while to figure it out(and multiple viewings of the DVD that comes with it), but once I got the hang of it, it was a LIFE SAVER. Lenni would fall asleep every time, and it allowed me to actually move around, hands-free. There are multiple different brands that make ring slings, but this is the company I went with! They have a padded sling option, which most companies do not. It definitely helped make baby wearing more comfortable!

Next, the Puj tub. This bad boy is MAGICAL. I bought the Pug Flyte, and am saving for the Puj Tub now that she's bigger. It fits perfectly in any sink(except a giant farm sink) and it SO easy to transport. I always put it neatly on the top of my suitcase and it folds wonderfully. 
Also, Beauty Counter Baby Gift Set. The all over wash is all we use for bath times and it's great. We tried organic products and normal Johnson baby wash, but they dried her perfect baby skin out to a crisp. My cousin Trish gave me this right after Lenni was born and we've used it every since!


Next up: 
Sleep sacks. These are a LIFE SAVER in the cold Colorado winter, especially when your little ones are super little. Since blankets can be a hazard, these bad boys swaddle your baby up and also keep them warm. Try the Nested Bean swaddler! 

For your future teethers, I have two products that I highly recommend. First, AMBER BEADS. A lot of people think that they are just a myth or a weird baby necklace, but I know that it has helped soothe Lenni during her teething process. My friend Erica bought ours from Lemon Vines

And the second one is a teething necklace! You know how babies always chew on either your hair or that cute necklace that you just bought? Well, whoever invented the idea of a teething necklace was SO BRILLIANT and I love her/him/whoever for it. My friend Luna recommended NomNom Necklaces and they are the greatest. The ones I have are made out of silicone which is super easy for Lenni to chew on, and they are actually cute for me to wear(cause let's be honest...the standard for cute moms these days is HIGH). 

There are many other items that have become lifesavers for me, but this list encompasses some of the staple ones! 



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