Ten Coffee Shops You Have To Visit In Colorado

If you're visiting my home state, you have to know where to go without having to read through all of the YELP reviews. Here is my one stop shop for where to find my top 10 cup o' Joe's in Colorado: 

First stop is my favorite because it's where I work. 

Two Rivers Coffee in Arvada, CO. My husband roasts and I sling spro on the weekends. We serve killer coffee and my favorite breakfast burrito as well as pastries that are made in house! 

Latte Art

Amethyst Coffee Company in Denver is owned by a dear friend, Elle Taylor(soon to be Jensen). They rotate what they serve, but it always excels craft and you can never have a bad coffee. They also have booze later in the afternoon into the evening! 

Black Eye Coffee has two locations in Denver, and I'm very partial to their coffee because my husbands roasts for them as well :) The shops are completely different in the best way, so I encourage you to visit both! 

Black Black Coffee in the Taxi district not only has a unique location, but an incredibly modern feel. The Taxi district is comprised of businesses, apartments, and even a resident-only raised pool, which gives it it's unique experience. They also have a kitchen where they make pastries and food in house. 

Black Black Coffee

Port Side is extremely close to Coors Field and is also next door neighbors to TOPO Designs which is one of my favorite local companies. They serve coffee from Huckleberry Roasters and they win the prize for my favorite Avocado Toast in Colorado(so far). 

Building Three Coffee Roasters is located in Colorado Springs in an old school house. The design is a healthy balance between a place for business and relaxation. The coffee is roasted just across the hallway, and they do a fantastic job. 

Building Three Coffee

Loyal Coffee is also in Colorado Springs and was started by some of the best f**kers I know. I had the opportunity to work with Eric, Tyler, Bevan, Chris and Seth at the Principal's Office before they went on to start Loyal. It's definitely an amazing place and you have to try it! 

Loyal Coffee

If you find yourself driving through the pass coming in from the West to Denver, you have to stop in Eagle, CO to visit Color Coffee Roasters. My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting this shop on a little weekend getaway, and I didn't want to leave. 

If you're on your way south from Denver to the Springs, pull off on Santa Fe road and stop by Session Coffee. They also rotate roasters, and have the coolest set up in a perfect area. They really take pride in their work, and I haven't had a bad cup of coffee. 

Last but definitely not least, Sweet Bloom Coffee. Sweet Bloom is recognized world-wide for it's presence in the Specialty Coffee Association competitions as well as nationally for their piece in Barista Magazine(and because they're damn good). They're located in Lakewood, CO, but their coffee is served all over the state!