I Decorated My Entire Apartment For Free

First things first- 

You MUST have patience. You will not be able to find everything you want to redesign your space immediately. It will take time! The consumerist mentality is "I need it now and I need it fast". We're trying to steer away from that all together, and if you're reading this, maybe you are too! 

1. Shopping list 

Create your dream home boards on Pinterest, and start making a list. Be flexible on the idea of having the exact items in other people's photos, because you'll find different things that work just as well! But that makes it your own.

Write down a shopping list and a budget. We needed white linen curtains, black curtain rods, industrial style book shelf, picture frames, architectural prints, black and white family prints, accent chairs, blanket basket, small kitchen table w/chairs.

2. Sell your items

Go through your home and put everything that doesn't match your desired style, in a box to sell. Curtains, pillows, decor, rugs, etc.. Don't keep it because you think you might use it. This is your way to earn money to use towards redecorating your space! List them on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or wherever! I made about $200 selling items on marketplace, and that created my budget,

3. Go shopping. 

Thrifting, marketplace, Craigslist...start hunting for the items on your shopping list. If you can't find them used, just wait. I guarantee you someone will sell something you want. It just takes time and PATIENCE. So far, I have the IKEA lamp I wanted($40 instead of $56), Blanket basket($15), 6 linen curtains($50), Striped TeePee($50 instead of $200), and frames($2 at Goodwill).

4. Get started! 

Living Room

Industrial Decor