A Box of Goodies For The Eco-Friendly Mom

The new "sponsored" posts on Instagram are WAY to brilliant for me to handle, and they are always about goodie boxes for adults(which I assume, is the new fad). Purple Carrot- Box of vegan food to cook. Vegan Cuts- Vegan snacks and make up. I see adds all the time for "surprise" boxes of goodies and I want to indulge SO BAD. Then, my conscience knocks on my brain, and I realize that most of these boxes of goodies will more than likely just sit in a corner of my house because I may not be stoked on what I received. 

Recently, an add popped up for Ecocentric Mom and I was automatically hooked by the name alone. I have become extremely passionate in supporting a healthy lifestyle, supporting small businesses, buying fair trade, ethically made clothes, and being more conscious about purchasing items that I NEED vs. just "stuff". 

Ecocentric Mom is a subscription box for eco-friendly mama's, where you receive a "product discovery experience" while shopping green and healthy for your family. You can sign up to receive a box a month, where you get to choose 2 items and the other 3 are a surprise! My first month, this was in my box: 

I received washroom spray and soap from Puracy, Laundry Suds from Lilac Moon Company, Sprouts Ware Snack Cups from Green Sprouts, Dryer Balls to save on using dryer sheets, and a halloween book to read to Lenni! 

It was SO fun to see all of the products come to my door, and also know that I would use every, single, one of them while staying green. 

*this post is in no way sponsored* 

If you are interested in receiving $10 off your first shipment, click here