Essential Oils 101

The more and more I talk to people about essential oils, the more I realize that it can be hard to find SIMPLE information to make a lifestyle change approachable.

I’ve been in and around the specialty coffee industry for almost 10 years now, and it took me 7 of those years to realize that a bunch of people shied away from discovering information about coffee because there were people in the industry who didn’t present the information with grace and understanding.

If you get on Pinterest and just type in “essential oils”, a PLETHORA of pins and different kinds of information will pop up. Facebook? Same thing. Google? Don’t do it. I also realize that asking questions on different groups can just be opening the floodgates for the “Let me PM you more information” without just openly giving information.

After using Young Living’s essential oils and products for over a year, I’m STILL discovering things that I had absolutely no idea even existed! Without overloading you, I’ve compiled a basic 101 that you can breeze through to hopefully encourage you in your curiosity about what the heck essential oils are all about!

Lavender Essential Oil

First things first: What Are Essential Oils?

“Lovingly harvested from farm-grown and wildcrafted plants, herbs, and trees, essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained by careful steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping.”

Basically, essential oils are the “blood” from the “veins” of plants, herbs, and trees. Since there are thousands upon thousands of species of plants, herbs, and trees…imagine how many essential oils exist! And with how many essential oils exist, multiply that by all of the possible things you can use them for!

Which leads me to…

How To Use Essential Oils

Aromatically, Topically, or Internally.

Each bottle has directions on how you can use the oil, and it’s up to you on what you’re needing to use the oil for! If it’s for a sore neck, you’d use topically. If it’s for promoting health and wellness, you’d use it internally. If you’re using them to help focus during a late-night study or to promote a good night’s rest, you would inhale them aromatically using a diffuser or sniffing them right out of a bottle(it sounds weird when I put it that way…but, it’s not haha)

What do I buy to get started?

Young Living created “Starter Kits”, which contain a perfect variety of some of the most popular essential oils and blends to get you going. There is also a makeup starter kit if you’re wanting a mineral-based, chemical free makeup kit. There is also what’s called a "Thieves” starter kit, which includes a line of cleaning and household products to help you ditch those chemically-based ones you may have now.

The Starter Kit is the best bang-for-your-buck, giving you $300+ product for $150 or $160. You’re getting a 50% discount right off the bat, and you also get a membership!

If you’re not interested in the items included in the starter kits, you can also purchase a membership with Young Living for $45. This includes an oil called “Stress Away”, which is probably the most self-explanatory oil blend and also my favorite. Purchasing a membership gives you access to the Young Living catalog(kinda like a Costco card gives you the ability to shop at Costco) and a 24% discount on all of the products.

Thieves Young Living

Why Young Living?

Young Living is a company that represents more than just overall health and wellness. They have what’s called a “Seed To Seal” guarantee with all of their products(you can read more about that here) and they run the Young Living Foundation which supports children all around the world by giving them education, a roof over their heads, and more.

Young Living’s Mission? “Young Living Essential Oils honors it’s stewardship to champion nature’s living energy- essential oils- by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance”.

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Thanks for reading!

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