Life Doesn't Change When You Have Kids

"Once you have kids, EVERYTHING changes"

That line is so classic, but seems so uneducated to me. I want to tell all of my friends becoming parents, or the people who don't even know if they want kids, don't listen to this.

As most of you have come to know, Lenora was very unplanned. 

"When a man loves a woman and the rubber decides to break, boom baby!"

9 months into our marriage, we found ourselves becoming parents in the very near future. It was an unexpected change, but inevitable nonetheless. 

Lenni is going to be 2 in March, and I can definitely say that my life doesn't look like what I thought it would! However, I can't say that having a kid changed everything.


Because...having a kid isn't the only reason for change. If life didn't change, it wouldn't be life!

Change- make or become different



The 2000's brought welcomed and unwelcomed(it's a word now) change for me...(sorry Christina...I had to use this picture)

Braces, bangs, bandanas, short hair, emo hair, purple hair, black hair, cut off gloves, studded belts, big boobs, acne, punk bands, pop bands, and boys. Then, 2013, boyfriend. 2014, fiance and husband. 2015 pregnant. 2016 baby. The list could definitely be more detailed, but you don't need to know the in between. 

Life becomes different by the minute. Seasons change, times change, jobs change, what you call "home" changes, family changes, and people change. Life is a constant cycle of change. Having kids is a change. But its just as unexpected as anything else. 

Diving into the cracks of the phrase, you realize that you give your kid too much damn credit. They didn't do anything except pop into this world with curiosity and the readiness to grow! How could they be the cause of changing your definition of "everything"? 

Knowing that Corey and I are responsible for the choices we make as a family, we're realizing and learning that those choices will have an outcome of change. Lenni is now a part of that journey, but she didn't cause any of it. She's coming alongside us in our journey together as a party of 3, and we're all riding along the roller coaster. 


The point I'm trying to make?


Life doesn't unexpectadly change when you have kids. Life changes because it's inevitable; because it's life. The beauty of life is the undiscovered territory that each new day brings; the constant change that comes with our choices and different seasons. Having kids is part of some  people's lives. We learned how to do some things differently then we used to(I can't have more than one drink without being tipsy...for example), but Lenni existing in our life didn't change "everything". It's just this crazy changing inevitable journey called