Matt & Cherise

As some of you might know, I used to label myself as a "photographer". I shot weddings, engagements, families, or whatever else helped pay the bills. I had a love/hate relationship with it, and when I lost my photography gear, I very easily threw in the towel on that chapter of my life. 

This couple is my exception. Cherise was my first model when I was just starting out. She's one of the most gorgeous beings to grace this planet, and it was soooo easy to photograph her. Then, she met Matt. She asked if I would ever be up for couple photos, and I was MORE than happy to add them to my portfolio. My stomach hurt from laughing with these two, and they just read my mind as far as how I wanted them to pose. 

Then, they got engaged. I received the text I had been hoping for, asking to do engagement pictures. 

We drove up to an open space in west Colorado, and I will let the glory of these photos speak for themselves: