My New Years Resolution

Corey's and my New Year's Resolution started about 3 days early this year. 


If you haven't seen it already, there is a Netflix Original Documentary that just popped up called "Minimalists". We obviously hopped the train and watched it, but surprisingly, we were inspired to take immediate action because of it. 

I say "surprisingly" because most of the world gets the "Sunday church fire", leaves, and nothing changes for the rest of the week. Or you watch one of those news stories regarding the horrific things happening in the world around us and do nothing. 

This time, however, was different. The power sentences were more than inspiring, they were convicting. So convicting, that Corey and I didn't even finish watching it before we started going through our closet. 

Guess what we found? Too much. 

You see things on Pinterest called the "wardrobe ideas" or "33 items in your closet" and think that you could totally do that. 

After getting rid of 4 bags of clothes between the 2 of us, I still counted 78 clothing items(shoes and hats included). What in the actual hell do I need 78 items of clothing for? 


We realized tonight in more ways than one, that money and stuff truly doesn't buy happiness. The American way is so focused on "stuff" and things, that we are spending half of our life working to pay for all of it. Then while we're working, we're missing moments. While we're staring at our phones overwhelmed with all of the latest Etsy creations, we're missing the smile on our kids faces because they are happy playing with the bow off of the present. 

-Side note. There's a reason that baby's are more entertained with the box instead of the gift. Our kids are showing us the amount of consumerism that we've been tainted by, because they are truly happy playing with the simple things or going outside for a walk. -

I must admit that I have definitely overwhelmed myself with the idea of the latest trends, picture styles, instagram feeds, facebook "likes", etc.. But what does that gain except allowing more and more people into your life that don't even know you? What does social media do except create a false illusion of someone else's reality?

I challenge you this next year to go through your stuff and actually ask yourself "do I really need this?", or "will I ever wear this again", or "is this of actual value to me and my family"?

The iPhone we have, or the car we pay monthly for, or the big house that we use half of is surface level compared to the people around us. We buy quantity instead of quality, and are killing ourselves earning money to purchase the "next big thing".

I'm not asking you to go on the Whole30 or backpack Europe. I'm asking you to declutter your life, challenge the idea of consumerism, and be happy.  


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