Vegan Gnocchi w/Home made Tomato Sauce

My house mate and I decided to make Gnocchi tonight...I really have no idea why, but it was BOMB and it was VEGAN and it was EASY. Just time consuming, so be warned. 


First, bake your potatoes. I just threw 5, washed potatoes on a baking sheet and tossed them in the oven for an hour at 425. They were perfect! 

After they're done, slit them open so the steam comes out and they cool off. Then, start boiling a pot of water to cook your gnocchi. 

Mash your peeled potatoes in a large bowl, and begin adding pinches of salt with a 1/4 cup of flour. I added 1 cup of flour total, and 4 pinches of salt. Keep adding flour until you have a wad of dough. It shouldn't be sticky, but have the texture of a ball of uncooked bread dough! 

Ball your dough, and cut it into 4 pieces. Start rolling the pieces into long tubes to cut your gnocchi from! 

When your water begins to boil, start tossing your pieces into the water. They will rise to the top when they're done! Just simply remove them from the water with a strainer. 

We fried the cooked gnocchi to give them a crispier texture, which you can do too! 

For the sauce, cook white onion and garlic in olive oil until glossy. Add a 28oz can of crushed tomato's. Once bubbling, add chopped basil and simmer. Add salt, pepper, and oregano to taste!