Young Living: Having Your Own Business

As some of you know, I recently left my job in Nashville after working with a company for less than 3 months. 

After such an abrupt finish to something that I just started, I had to think FAST. 

I was providing a decent income to our family, and overnight, everything changed. 

Almost two years ago, I purchased what's called a "Starter Kit" from my friend Jen who works for Young Living. I was interested in learning more about essential oils, but had no desire to learn about how I could have my own business as well. 

Obviously, that ALSO changed :) 

Let me stop you here before your eyes may roll too far back into your brain...


Pyramid Scheme vs Multi Level Marketing 


"There are many products or services that distributors will be "customers" for as long as there is a financial opportunity to go with it. The means justify the end. Unfortunately, when all the shine wears off, no one continues to use the product. This is a pyramid scheme". 


"Network Marketing is a business; it is not a hobby, a game, a scheme, a deal, or something in which to dabble. People who treat it lightly do not succeed. People who treat it as a new career, a profession, and a business have a reasonable opportunity to make it pay off very well." - The Four Year Career(How to make your dreams of fun and financial freedom come true...or not...)


I'm sure you've heard the sales pitches, received the random messages from people that you haven't spoken to in YEARS, or you may have even been asked to hang out with a new friend who turns the meeting into a 'have you heard of this product, let me tell you about it' sales meeting. Trust me, I would roll my eyes too and definitely have. 


This is why I'm writing this... I don't want to sales pitch you. I don't want to force a ridiculously over-hyped product down your throat and make you feel obligated to commit. 


I want you to understand that I work for Young Living. I use their products. I buy their products every month. I want to provide for my family and I want other people to have that same opportunity. I go to work and come home without ever leaving. 


Young Living has set up their business to be transparent and attainable. The monthly requirements are LOW, and you're actually receiving a product that you want and use. It's not a "magic pill" or an item that you don't know the origin. Let me break it down for you:


 Premium Starter Kit

Premium Starter Kit

  • Premium Starter Kit- $160

For $160, you receive $360 worth of Young Living product including a membership. The membership gives you access to whole sale pricing(a 24% discount) as well as the ability to enroll in the…

  • Essential Rewards Subscription Program

When you sign up for Essential Rewards, not only do you get your monthly order shipped to you automatically, but you also get to enjoy points that can be used toward your favorite products, discounted shipping, and loyalty gifts for consecutive orders.
You can change your order every month, which allows you to try something new or restock your favorites! The minimum order is $50 a month, moving to $100 a month if you begin to grow your…

  • Business

Whether you're a stay-at-home parent who wants to be a part of solving financial stress, an earth-minded soul who wants to broaden your options to become chemical-free, or someone who needs a new need to know that Young Living provides you the opportunity to accomplish that. No hidden fees, no unattainable commitments, no financial burden. 

Stress Away Essential Oil

One of the biggest reasons that I started with Young Living was because the investment wasn’t a complete life-altering cost. I invested $160 and signed up for Essential Rewards spending $50 a month.

I’ve tried multi-level-marketing before and was completely screwed over(to be frank). The first one, I invested $700 and didn’t receive a penny back. The next one, I almost invested $2,000 before realizing that I wouldn’t be set up to succeed.

I invested in Young Living, and I’m already seeing the return. Not only with the products I receive, but the income that’s constantly growing.

Network marketing takes WORK, but if you’re willing to do it, it’ll pay off.

Email me. Text me. Call me. ASK. Even if you think it's the weirdest question of all time, ask it. If I'm not being transparent with you or letting you know the ins-and-outs of running your own business with Young Living, I'm not doing my job.