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In my journey to be 100% chemical-free, I can say with complete confidence that I wouldn't have started without the help of essential oils. 

I purchased a Premium Starter Kit over a year ago, after being interested in only one out of the 11 oils I received. I heard about the benefits of Frankincense, and thought about using it to possibly aid in the recovery of my uncle who had suffered a brain aneurism and a stroke. 

My research only began after I started running out of basic household products and over-the-counter medications, and we didn't have the budget to replace most of them. I decided to start with Pinterest, and realized how many items I could make myself, and how much money I could actually SAVE.

Because I was making things myself, it also allowed me to know exactly what ingredients were in each item, and I knew that my daughter could "breathe easy" so-to-speak. 

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 Essential Oils, a diffuser of your choice, samples, and a membership. Just like Costco, a membership gives you access to the Young Living store, PLUS a 24% discount, PLUS access to the Essential Rewards Subscription Program(a monthly wellness box where you can earn points back to use for future purchases, discounted shipping, and free extras).

When you purchase your Starter Kit, THAT’S IT. No obligations, no hidden fees…just a plethora of information, access to the Young Living store, and the ability to order in the future if you so desire.

Young Living Starter Kit

This kit $160...which I understand seems like a straight punch in the face to us stay-at-home-moms or budget friendly people. 
So, I wanted to make that price seem attainable and tell you how I use each oil!

First things first-


 These are the price points for 5ml bottles of each oil.

These are the price points for 5ml bottles of each oil.

If you order these oils individually, you would be paying over $300 for everything that's included in the starter kit. You are truly saving a LOT of money right off the bat!


Stress Away Essential Oil

Helps with normal, everyday stress, improves mental response, restores equilibrium, promotes relaxation, and lowers hypertension

First one is my FAVORITE.

Stress Away!

I'm sure you've seen me post about this if you follow me on social media, but it's truly my go-to oil. I use it with my diffuser necklace, rub it on my wrists, and it makes a constant rotation in our diffuser. 

Thieves and Lemon All Purpose Cleaner DIY

Next is Lemon and Thieves!

I use these oils to make an All Purpose Cleaner! Using 1 Cup of Vinegar, 1 Cup of Distilled Water, 1tsp dish soap, 10 Drops Lemon, and 10 Drops Thieves. It cleans like a DREAM and has completely replaced our bathroom, counter, and floor cleaner. 

Raven Oil


We use Raven for replacing products like "Vick's". Raven™ is a cleansing blend of Ravintsara, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, and other essential oils. This is a great oil for relief during the common cold!

Citrus Fresh.jpg

Citrus Fresh

When I bought my Starter Kit, Citrus Fresh wasn't included in the box. I WISH IT WAS. This is a great replacement for candles, or creating a air freshener using a few drops of Citrus Fresh with distilled water. 

Lavender Essential Oil


LAVENDER IS THE FAIRY GODMOTHER TO ALL OILS. From skin care products to relaxing routines, to helping with a great nights sleep. We LOVE Lavender. It also has crazy uplifting properties to help with feelings of anxiety or depression along with Lemon essential oil. We put a few drops on our dryer balls for laundry!



I use Panaway on the off-chance I decide to work out...and when I DO work out, my muscles scream "WHY" at me for the next few days. Panaway is an aid to relieving muscle pain. Mix a few drops with a carrier oil(like coconut oil), and rub it wherever you're hurting. 



"Used to treat every conceivable ill known to man," frankincense was valued more than gold during ancient times. Increases spiritual awareness, promotes meditation, improves attitude, and uplifts spirit. This is just a tiny fraction of what this "sacred" oil can do. 

 Pictured with  SAALT

Pictured with SAALT


I like to call this my "Shark Week" oil. AKA cramp healer. AKA woman's best friend. Simply mixing it with a basic sweetener(like honey if you're not vegan, or something like cane sugar) or alongside your afternoon tea *spoken with horrible English accent*, this bad boy is the absolute aid for the week that happens every 28 average calendar days.

Digize Essential Oil


Corey might kill me for this, but he is the Digize king. Digize supports indigestion and acid reflux...I'll let you figure out the rest. lol 

Peppermint Essential Oil


Last but not least, one of my favs, Peppermint. We use this for bug bites, headaches, and the always awful Tennessee allergies. Peppermint is extremely versatile, and I find myself ordering frequently because we run out so fast! 


The Young Living Starter Kit has given me the ability to replace almost all of the products where the ingredients may not even be listed on the label. 
Each oil has empowered me with the ability to support my family's health, and my own. 

These 11 oils are just the starting point for the endless amounts of healing properties that essential oils provide. If you're interested in starting your oily journey, click here